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For more information on TVCC's horse production program, please visit Wade Black's personal website, which is not an official TVCC-sanctioned site.

Our Program

The vast majority of college and university horse production programs provide primarily classroom-based curricula. The TVCC horse production program has a distinctly different philosophy, and that is to ensure our students will be successful in the horse industry, by providing a hands-on education that gives them the required skills.

At TVCC students work directly with horses, and most of their education takes place in the barns, on the ranch, or in the arena. This philosophy not only ensures students will be successful obtaining employment and a career working in the equine industry, but also appeals to those students who don't necessarily excel in the classroom, and who because of this, might avoid higher education altogether.

The demand for this type of hands-on education is demonstrated by the large number of so called "Natural Horsemanship" clinicians who are currently filling the void in academics for this type of program.. 

Learn how TVCC's Horse Program helps students with career goals. 

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