TVCC - Certified Horse Trainer Program

Due to the fact that it is hard to receive work experience in training horses for the public, TVCC provides its own work experience program for students seeking a career in training horses for the public. Students coming out of TVCC's work experience horse training program may earn a certificate in training horses for the public.

To become a "Certified Public Horse Trainer" throughout TVCC, students must maintain a 3.0 GPA through one of the Horse Production and Training Pathway certificates and meet the criteria in all four categories through TVCC's work experience program. Students accepted into the work experience program will be observed by TVCC faculty training "booster" horses. Upon completing one of the horse production and training pathway certificates and participating in TVCC horse training work experience, faculty will determine if individual students are certified to train horses for the public. Certification is based on four categories:


Student must show that they are a man or woman of their word
*     Show up to work on time ready to work
*     What they tell the client they will do when they drop the horse off for training, they actually do  during  training.
*     Fill out score sheets honestly and correctly
*     Contact clients during training and honestly and correctly assess the horse for the client

Work Ethic

*     Performs to the highest of his or her ability
*     Shows enthusiasm and willingness to learn and be productive
*     Keeps a good attitude and preserves a positive working environment
*     Proves to be a team player and selfless in the work place

Quality Standards

*     Meets quality standards set by TFTC within a forty day time period.
*     Accurately diagnoses problems in equine temperament and behavior to explain to client why a horse may not
      meet the quality standards set by TFTC.

Client Education

Student is qualified to educate an inexperienced horse owner
*     Providing written material that the client can take home and read
*     Provide score sheets to help the client keep the foundation set by trainer
*     Shows competence in giving lessons to make sure owner is confident to take horse home after training.


Note: TFTC is Training for the Cross LLC. TFTC was a horse training business, in which Wade Black took the knowledge he received while working on his Master degree and expanded on it to develop quality standards for his employees to follow. This was to provide training quality assurance for the customer, as there is currently not an industry standard.