Get Started

Step One:
Complete a TVCC Application at: Application
Make sure you have completed a FASFA form.

You can visit the Future Students section of the TVCC website and follow those steps.

Step Two:

Contact Julie Lynch for additional information at (541) 881-5975 or at
We strongly encourage you to schedule a new student orientation with Alisha Sweeney,   Aviation Coordinator at Silverhawk (208) 453-8577.
For helicopter pilots, contact Alisha and take a Discovery ride. We enjoy meeting with prospective students and we recommend a tour of our flight facilities.
Note: Seats may be limited, we must follow both State and Federal requirements.

Step Three:
Obtain the required medical certificate needed.
View FAA Medical Requirements

Medical Costs
Current medical certification costs typically range between $50 and $80.

Step Four:
Verify your Citizenship
The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requires us to verify a students' citizenship status.  You will need to provide a passport and/or birth certificate. If you have specific questions, please Contact Us.

Step Five:
You many need additional education loans. Silverhawk has a relationship with to assist you. They can also assist you with options for other alternative educational loans. There are a number of industry scholarships and grants listed on the web. Make a plan to finance your flight education. Learn More
Read the Top 10 Ways to Finance Flight Training

Step Six: Review the Additional Information  For helicopter pilots:  If a student is over 240 lbs. (this is total flight weight), yet they are less than 300 lbs., the student will have the option of doing all primary training in the R-44.
Note: There is an increase in flight lab fees due to the use of the larger helicopter. If you are a VA student, you will need prior approval from the VA. You must be willing to be weighed at any time, per FAA requirement.

International Students:
There are some additional requirements for international students to attend flight school.Learn More

Check Rides: There is a check ride fee for each rating. These fees are included in the flight labs.