Center for Business Workforce & Community Learning

TVCC's Center for Business, Workforce & Community Learning is located in the Albertson Center across from the TVCC Baseball Fields. We offer one-stop services to all our students and an improved level of customer service. Our offices are open Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. We're even open during the lunch hour!

Call us: 541-881-5755   or Send a Fax: 541-881-5511


Center for Business Workforce & Community Learning

The Center for Business, Workforce and Community Learning (CBWCL) is committed to planning and promoting full use of college resources to assist individual, business, industry, and community growth through training and education.
All programs are intended to enrich, strengthen, and support those who are not served by the traditional instructional activities of the College.

We are focused on the following four areas:

  • Training - We develop training in customer specifi c areas for individuals or groups to help businesses/ industries maximize their productivity and profit.

  • Workforce Development - We provide training to individuals and companies to improve their general skills, technical skills, and professional knowledge. We are committed to maintaining and growing a quality workforce in our region.

  • Personal Enrichment - We provide courses to enrich your life through arts and crafts; and cultural and physical improvement.

  • Public Safety - We provide entry level, customized training, and continuing education in the areas of emergency medical services, healthcare personnel and fi re safety. We are a designated American Heart Association Training Center.

We are always looking for new ideas and for new instructors. Please call us at (541) 881-5755.


The Workforce Training & Education Department, part of the Center for Business, Workforce and Community Learning, provides customized training developed around the specific needs of employers. The WTE is flexible in providing training delivered on-site with participating companies or at TVCC facilities. Companies can acquire virtually any type of training through the WTE. Training time is based on the unique needs of the client. Examples of training include Wildland Fire, CPR/First Aid, OSHA safety and numerous other industry competency based curriculum. Courses are offered in English and Spanish. TVCC also offers an Associate of Applied Science in Wildland Fire Management. For individuals interested in pursuing a career in wildland fire-fighting and management. Call us today to find out how the WTE can help you with all of your employee training needs (541) 881-5757.