Student Rights and Responsibilities

In order to provide for the maximum comfort, convenience, and well-being of the total College community, certain standards of behavior are established at Treasure Valley Community College. Upon admission to the College, all students accept an unqualified commitment to adhere to such standards and to conduct themselves in a manner appropriate to an educational environment, one which reflects pride in themselves and the College. Such actions as academic dishonesty, abuse of property, harassment, any violation of federal or state law, possession of alcoholic beverages, and possession of illegal drugs are in violation of the College's standards and are cause for disciplinary action. The disciplinary action taken by the College has a range of possibilities up to and including dismissal from college and restitution for damages.

Copies of the Student Rights, Freedoms and Responsibilities document are also available in the Student Services Office.

Students Rights, Freedoms and Responsibilities

Student Rights, Freedoms and Responsibilities Student Conduct Process

Incident / Behavioral Report Form

Faculty Complaint Procedure


A grievance may be initiated by students when they believe they have been subject to unjust action or denied their student rights. Grievances may be classified in two categories: personal grievances and instructional grievances. Whenever possible, grievances should be resolved at the most appropriate level, as personally and informally as possible.

Grievance procedures are discussed in the Student Rights, Freedoms and Responsibilities document.

Student Educational Records

Treasure Valley Community College follows the Family Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (Pell-Buckley Amendment). Federal legislation gives students attending post-secondary institutions the right to inspect their educational records. Students also have the right to a hearing should they choose to challenge the content of such records to ensure that the records are not inaccurate, misleading or otherwise in violation of the privacy or other rights of students. The College will normally comply with students' requests to inspect their records within ten days, but in no case more than 45 days from the request. If students have questions concerning their educational records, they should contact the Registrar.

The College reserves the right to withhold transcripts from students who are in debt to the institution. Students have the right to discuss the matter with a representative empowered to resolve such disputes.

Student Directory Information

Treasure Valley Community College considers the following to be public information and will release it upon request, without the student's written permission ORS 341.290 and OAR 581-041-0480.

  1. Whether the student is currently enrolled.
  2. Major field of study in which the student is or was enrolled and class standing.
  3. Dates of enrollment.
  4. Degree(s) earned and honors received.
  5. Participation in officially recognized activities and sports.
  6. Weight and height of members of athletic teams.
  7. Student's name, address and telephone number.
  8. Date and place of birth.
  9. The most recent previous educational institution attended by the students.
  10. For military purposes only, your age and veteran's status.

NOTE: Students who do not wish the information listed above to be released by the college must submit a signed statement each term requesting that this information be withheld. Contact the Student Services Office Manager for the necessary form and additional information.

Student Insurance

Students enrolled at the college must make arrangements to obtain their own accident insurance. Information on insurance policies can be obtained in the Housing Office or the Student Services Office.

Parental Access to Educational Records

Educational records may be released to parents under the following circumstances:

  1. through written consent of the student
  2. in compliance with a subpoena and
  3. by submission of evidence that the parent(s) declares the student as a dependent in their most recent Federal Income Tax Form.