Campus Security

TVCC Security Officers patrol the campus, respond to emergencies and other calls for service, conduct traffic checks on campus, walk through the campus buildings, staff special events, and facilitate a variety of safety and security presentations.

TVCC campus security officers may ask persons for identification to determine whether individuals have legitimate business at the College. Campus security officers have the authority to investigate minor offenses involving rule violations and to make a referral to the appropriate area of the College. Campus security Officers do not posses arrest powers and do not carry firearms. Criminal incidents are referred to the local police who have jurisdiction on campus.

Campus Security works closely with local, state, and federal police agencies. Through coordination with local law enforcement agencies, criminal activity engaged in by students at off campus locations in monitored and recorded. This information is referred to the appropriate area of the College.

Emergency Contacts

In an emergency, dialing 9-911 from campus phones, or 911 from pay phones, connects to the Ontario police and fire departments. In other situations, dial 541-212-9594 or 541-212-9576 for the campus security manager. Campus emergency and criminal incidents should be reported to the security manager as soon as possible. The security manager will notify the appropriate TVCC administrator.

Drug and Alcohol Free Campus

Oregon state law prohibits the possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages by any person not yet 21 years old. TVCC policy prohibits the possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages on the college campus or while being transported to or from a college-sponsored student activity. Attendance at any college activity while under the influence of alcohol is prohibited.

Oregon state law prohibits the illegal possession, use, or sale of narcotics and habit forming drugs. TVCC policy prohibits possessing, using, or supplying narcotics, habit forming drugs, or hallucinogenics on the campus or at any college-sponsored activity. Attendance at college events while under the influence of any of these illegal substances is prohibited.

Students in violation of college policies are referred to the dean of student services for appropriate action.

Crime on Campus

Each year, in compliance with federal law, Campus Security publishes a complete report on safety and security policies, along with the type of crime on campus. Statistics for the last three years are available in this report. To view a current copy contact Campus Security at 541-881-5706 or click on the link below.

Annual Campus Security Report


TVCC security personnel routinely inspect campus lighting to insure the safety of students. If a problem arises with lighting, please report it to the security director at 541-881-5706.

Campus facilities are for the use of students. Policies regarding the access of facilities to non-students can be obtained from the dean of administrative services. Individuals who are acting suspiciously or who are in unauthorized areas need to be reported to the campus security personnel at once.

Remember: Common sense is always the greatest asset in crime prevention. Lock your doors. Don't walk alone. Stay out of dark places. Think safety!

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