Jobs at TVCC

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EXTERNAL (open to Staff and public)
Industrial Education Instructor (grant funded - open until filled)
Aviation Program Director - open until filled
Database Administrator - open until filled
Head Coach - Men's Soccer - open until filled
Rodeo Coach / Livestock Center Manager - first review 8/1/16
Director of Legal and Human Resources- first review 9/7/16, open until filled
Aviation Flight Instructor - part-time (open until filled)
Program Director (CAMP) - first review 9/1/16, open until filled
Program Director (HEP) - first review 9/1/16, open until filled
English Instructor (Caldwell Center - Temporary) - closes 8/30/16
INTERNAL (open to Staff only)
    None at this time         
   Please see below for open SRCI positions

 Part Time Instructional Positions


How to Apply:

Candidates are encouraged to submit only what is requested for the application packet. If you apply for more than one position, a separate and complete application packet must be submitted for each position. It is your responsibility to make sure your complete application packet reaches the HR office by 5 p.m. on the closing date or first review date. Applications will be accepted only for announced vacancies.

Step 1 - Obtain an Application for Employment

  • Please use the "TVCC Application" to complete and save the application to your desktop. This document must be included in your application submission.

Step 2 - Gather all other required documentation

  • Resume and cover letter (detailing relevant experience and qualifications)
  • Transcripts from accredited University or College (unofficial copies are acceptable during application process. If an offer is extended, official transcripts must be submitted before the start date.)
  • Supplemental information as specified in the job announcement

Step 3 - Submit your application packet

  • Mail all materials to:  Treasure Valley Community College, Attn: Human Resources, 650 College Blvd., Ontario, OR 97914
  • Dropping off your application packet in person is not encouraged; however, if you desire to do so, please deliver to the Human Resources department during normal business hours.

For Students and the General Public, the following are non-TVCC job postings.  Please contact the employer directly.  TVCC is only posting the information as a resource for the employer.  (These postings will be removed after 6 months.)


      Substitute Instructor - open until filled

For SRCI position inquiries, contact:

Julie A. Lynch at (541) 881-4775

  • Or fax your SRCI position inquiry to (541) 881-4774  
    (Faxes and e-mail should be confirmed with a phone call to ensure receipt.)
  • or for Hearing/Speech Impaired to (541) 881-2737
  • or e-mail SRCI at: or
  • All applicants for SRCI positions must fill out a LEDS Form as part of their application packet.