• Winter Weather

    Winter Weather Advisory

    Unless weather is extreme, TVCC will hold classes. We realize that there are times when road conditions on campus are acceptable, yet travel from some parts of the local area may be inadvisable.  Individual students and staff are encouraged to make whatever decisions are necessary for their own safety. Please check this website for updates for any campus closures or emergency notices. Get more information about campus closures here: http://www.tvcc.cc/about/locations_maps/closurepolicy.cfm

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    Experience TVCC

    With 7,500 students, not 30,000 - Treasure Valley Community College's small class sizes, taught by experienced instructors, make this a college you can navigate. New residence halls, with incredible student activities, clubs, athletics, and performing arts, one and two year degrees, plus one of the top-rated nursing programs in the region, makes TVCC the right choice for you. Get started and apply today!

  • Denim Cutting

    Working to Help Ugandan Children

    Members of Phi Theta Kappa at TVCC collected used denim clothing from students, faculty and staff, and held a day-long "cutting" event, to cut the denim to be used for shoes for Ugandan children, to protect them from jiggers, a parasite that burrows into the skin on the childrens' feet.. The cut pieces were then shipped away to be manufactured into shoes.

  • Sign up for TVCC Alerts

    TVCC Alerts

    Keep up to date on extreme weather, closures, and other emergencies at TVCC via text message. Sign up for FREE at http://alert.tvcc.cc/

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    Classroom Redefined

    At TVCC, we know learning takes place inside - and outside - the classroom. Field trips, experiential learning, internships and cooperative learning classes enhance your academic opportunities. Real world experience - taught by faculty who really know their subjects - makes TVCC the right choice.

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